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4:15/Spiritual Awakenings

Once again I am up before the dawn
See the clock, wipe my eyes, 
and I smile
In these days I don’t sleep for long
Wink to the stars, knowing I’ll 
be up a while


Every morn the time’s consistent
That I greet another day
Energy warm and persistent
I hope it never goes away


Do you visit me, 
every morning at 4:15
Do you kiss the hollow 
of my cheek when I’m asleep?
Am I wakened 
by your love, Nana Jean?


Are you like a kid on Christmas,
You can’t wait for my day to start
Filling my soul so I can’t miss you
Filling my heart, wherever you are


Does my cheek 
get a wake-up kiss from you
Showing me you’re never that far
Like you know 
what the day has in store for me
Like the presents 
that were under our tree
And your delight 
bubbles over for me at 4:15


There will be time to rest 
when you cross over
Carpe Diem, this time being,
you would say
Take my advice, who needs sunrise, you always told me
Laugh at the moon, 
it’s time to seize the day


Seems you left me with 
your zest for life 
Big dreams I can’t ignore
And I am blessed again
on this short night
When you wake me 
at quarter after four



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