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Pity Party

I know this place
I’ve been here before
I never stay            
I just hang near the door

I know this place
A retreat to lick one’s wounds
Hide from the day
Just me in this dark room

But I won’t stay long 
if I know me
‘Cause I don’t belong
 at the pity party
I just came to pay a visit
won’t stay more than a minute
Cause these blues 
find everybody some way       
And I’m not hanging 
at this party today
(Oh) I may fall
But I’ll self pity go                                
Wallow in these walls        
That’s not my “M.O”

It just feels right
To give the ol’ college try
It’s fight or flight
And I dunno how to fly


Got the invitation
To sit out on the bench
Don’t have the patience
To dwell or sulk again

Tall glass o’wine
To help me drown my sorrow
Tonight  I’ll cry
But hit it hard tomorrow 

I’m not hanging at this party, 
I’m not hanging on this heartache                
I’m not hanging at this party today 

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