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Finding Finn

Fourteen years, two months,
Seven days-not enough
Now there’s tears, group hugs,
Heaven’s gain is our loss 


We don’t understand your choice
To take your own life
Be we can be your voice
And we will shine your light


Fourteen years, two months,
Seven days IS enough
To know YOUR love


And we will spread your story 
far and wide
The glory of your life 
Not how you didn’t say goodbye
Maybe it’s not all about the endings
But how you truly begin 
Maybe it’s about the way
You found Finn


It might not be all 
about how you finish, 
But about how you boldly start
You taught us to live out loud 
With an open mind 
and an open heart


So we’ll break ours open wide 
and let love in
Blowing kisses to the sky, 
remember Finn.

Let’s stop asking why 
and let love win
Blowing kisses to the sky, 
remember Finn


A sister or brother
A champion for others
With your laughter, smiles, embrace
You lifted lives with grace


You sought peace inside
 from darkness
And now you are our light
Keeping Finn within our hearts then
We know we’ll be alright


Fourteen years, two months,
Seven Days IS enough 
To know your love



Let’s not question why 
but let love win
And let those kisses fly, 
send love to Finn


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