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We Had A Good Run

As subtle as a changing tide
Like the waves rise on the rocks        
Routines and ruts, romance had died
We decided to call it a loss


There’s a lot less wedded bliss
Wouldn’t have guessed 
it would end like this
Twenty years and three great kids
-Couldn’t be blessed w/ better gifts
                                                              I can question, I can doubt                      Obsess to figure it out
Or I can accept with gratitude
That I was meant….to marry you
I can’t lie here in regret (oh no)
I won’t cry now that it’s done 
I will  smile for both of us (oh yeah)
Cause you and I had a good run 
Yeah, you and I had a good run


I’m more like run of the the bulls 
I gotta climb that heartbreak hill         
I like a life that’s fast and full
You’re alright with the calm and still


Met at the track when we were 12
Opposites attached — 17
Kids having fun, 
not knowing ourselves 
what work our love would really be


We didn’t know who’d we become
When we started on this path              
You can’t dwell on 
what it went wrong
If it warms your heart looking back  



Dropped out of the race 
when we hit the wall                          
No blood, some tears, 
plenty of sweat
So many ways that we had it all
Sweet Kids, Good Years,-
we won’t forget
Just ask our two daughters
And and our one son   
Despite our troubled waters
We ran a good long run
As we crossed our own finish line
We gave high fives and fist bumps
Remembered all the good times
With a lot less rain than sun
And I thank you for this run


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