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Dig Deep

Impatiently you paced 
at the airport gate 
She’d been a month away for work. 
You- 3 hours early, 
the plane-an hour late 
You couldn’t wait to be with her


Reunited finally, 
she said “Oh I missed you so” 
And hiding your relief, 
you mumbled, Hon it’s time to go 


She wore her hair your favorite way 
She was smiling ear to ear 
All business, and unphased you said
“I’ll get your bags, my dear” 


You often like to use
the same excuse 
That you’ve never been 
a man of many words 
That you show your love 
with all the things you do 
Tho what’s left unsaid 
just might be hurting her


(Go on and) 
Tell her how much you missed her 
How without her, 
you’re just holding on 
Tell her you need your best friend 
That you never sleep 
when she ’s gone 

These things that you feel 
but you don’t say 
Go all in, dig deep, 
say them anyway

She didn’t hesitate to share 
thoughts that came to her
She was the Eloquent in the room 
You — kind with your gestures 
but stingy with your words
You were always there -
so you assumed

You never came to dinner late 
You were on time to a fault 
Never talked about your day, 
Only “thanks, and pass the salt”


(Well) That was just your way 
‘Cause you were a quiet man
Looking back, why she didn’t stay, You’ll never understand


You often like to use 
the same excuse 
That you’ve never been a man 
of many words 
That you show your love with 
all the things you do 
Tho what’s left unsaid
 just might be hurting her


(Go on and)Tell her she is intelligent 
Tell her she is kind
Tell her she is Heaven sent 
And always on your mind


Tell her she is wonderful 
That she ’s everything to you
Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable 
You’ve got your everything to lose


These things that are so hard 
for you to say
Dig deep within your heart—
say them anyway

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